About Shiv Maheshwari


Shiv Maheshwari Oil & Chem Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality NON-GMO products, including ESSEMM soya lecithin, and linseed oil. With over 2.5 decades of experience, we are recognized as one of the top players in India.

Since our establishment in 1992, Shiv Maheshwari has shown impressive growth in terms of revenue and product offerings. Our focus on value-added products has enabled us to withstand market volatility and unpredictable monsoon seasons.

Our management team and quality control experts ensure that our customers receive world-class products and exceptional service. Our superior procurement and trading skills, continuous innovation, and commitment to meeting consumer needs and stringent quality control standards have earned us a highly-respected reputation.

Our agri-based products, including soya lecithin, and linseed oil are utilized by various industries, such as feed, food, bakery, confectionery, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and paints industries, both domestically and globally.

Choose Shiv Maheshwari for superior products, exceptional service, and a commitment to excellence.

Our Products

Experience World-Class Quality Products with Shiv Maheshwari’s Excellent Quality Control Team
ESSEMM Food Grade Soya Lecithin
ESSEMM Feed Grade Soya Lecithin
ESSEMM Hydrolised Soya Lecithin
ESSEMM Soya Lecithin Hydroxylated
Freshly harvested soya lecithin in a white bowl, representing a versatile and natural emulsifier for food and beverage applications
ESSEMM Soya Lecithin Acetylated
ESSEMM Linseed Oil


Experience Uncompromising Quality: Our Prime Motto is Excellence in Production