ESSEMM Sunflower Lecithin

Product Name: ESSEMM® SUNFLOWER Lecithin Liquid
Parameter Specification Test Method Result
Description Semi liquid/Viscous Syrup Visual Complies
Color Gardner Organoleptic Complies
Appearance Semi Liquid/Viscous Syrup Visual Complies
Odour Typical Predominantly Soya Organoleptic Complies
Taste/Flavor Characteristics Of Soybeans Organoleptic Complies
Moisture NMT - 1% AOCS ja 2b-87 0.21%
Acetone Insoluble NLT - 55% AOCS ja 4-46 58.56%
Peroxide Value NMT - <10 AOCS ja 8-87 0.98%
Acid Value NMT - 36mg KOH/g% AOCS ja 6-55 34.50mg KOH/g%
Benzene Insoluble NMT - 0.30% AOCS ja 3-87 0.199%
Color By Gardner in 0.05% Toluene Solution NMT - 13 UNITS AOCS ja 9-87 11+G
Viscosity @ 25°C By Brookfield Viscometer NMT - 150 Poise AOCS ja 10-87 120 Poise
Smell Specific to the raw material from which it is mate AOCS ja 10-87 Specific to the raw material from which it is mate
smoc img sunflower lecithin 2

Premium ESSEMM® Sunflower Lecithin - The Natural Emulsifier

Discover the Natural Advantage with ESSEMM® Sunflower Lecithin

ESSEMM® Sunflower Lecithin is crafted through a unique cold pressing method, ensuring a safer and healthier alternative to chemically processed soy lecithin. Derived from dehydrated sunflowers, our lecithin undergoes a natural separation of gum, oil, and solids, maintaining the highest quality and purity.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Emulsifier: Perfect for cooking and baking, it prevents fats and liquids from separating, ensuring a smooth blend in your culinary creations.
  • High Protein Content: Adds nutritional value to your recipes.
  • Silky Smooth Texture: Enhances the texture of chocolates and other confections.
  • Improved Dough Elasticity: Makes bread and pizza dough more elastic, resulting in a lighter, chewier texture when baked.

Upgrade your cooking and baking with ESSEMM® Sunflower Lecithin – the premium choice for natural emulsification and superior quality.