ESSEMM Soya Lecithin Hydroxylated​

Introducing ESSEMM Hydroxylated Soya Lecithin

Enhancing Water Dispersability and Emulsifying Properties for Optimal Baking Applications

ESSEMM Hydroxylated Soya Lecithin is a light-colored product specifically designed to revolutionize baking applications of fats while combating staling. By harnessing the power of hydroxylation, this innovative product offers increased water dispersability and improved emulsifying properties, making it an effective solution for o/w systems.

With its pronounced hydrophilic character, ESSEMM Hydroxylated Soya Lecithin effortlessly disperses in cold water, making it highly convenient for various formulations. By improving dough extensibility, this specialized lecithin contributes to creating outstanding baking results. The process of hydroxylation imbues the lecithin with hydrophilic properties, enhancing moisture retention and ensuring optimal texture and freshness.

ESSEMM Hydroxylated Soya Lecithin derives its unique qualities from the unsaturated fatty acids found in its composition, namely linolenic, linoleic acid, and oleic acids. The double bonds within these fatty acids serve as active sites for hydroxylation, resulting in a product with decreased unsaturation, as indicated by a drop in iodine value. This transformative process guarantees superior performance and enhanced functionality in a variety of applications. Choose ESSEMM Hydroxylated Soya Lecithin to elevate your baking creations, unleash superior water dispersability, and achieve remarkable emulsifying properties. Experience the difference that our advanced hydroxylation technology brings to your formulations, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.
Parameter Specifications for Hydroxylated Soya Lecithin
Appearance Free flowing
Acid value (mg KOH/g) 30 max
Moisture (%) <1.0 max
Acetone insoluble (%) 60 min
Color (in 10% toluene) Gardner Units 12 max
Hexane insolubles (%) 0.03
Peroxide value (meq/1000g) 5 max
Iodine Value 30% reduction