ESSEMM Linseed Oil​

ESSEMM Linseed Oil

Test Report of Linseed Oil
Type of Oil Linseed Oil
HS Code 151519
Moisture & InsolubleImpurities NMT 1%
Refractive Index @ 40 Degree Celcius 1.4724
Saponification Value NLT 190
Iodine Value Wijs Method NLT 175
Unsaponifiable Matter NMT 0.75
Acid Value NMT 2%
Specific Gravity 0.920to0.924
Color in Lovibond Expressed as Y+10R In ¼" cell 8-10 Units
ALA Content NLT 50%

Introducing ESSEMM Heat Break Linseed Oil

Pure, Cellulose-Free Solution for Alkyd Resin Manufacturing

ESSEMM Heat Break Linseed Oil is a specialized variant of linseed oil that undergoes a meticulous process to remove its break/gums, making it ideal for use in the production of alkyd resins. In its raw form, linseed oil contains naturally occurring cellulosic material attached to the linseed molecule. However, through a precise heat treatment with an acid catalyst, ESSEMM Heat Break Linseed Oil is crafted, effectively eliminating the cellulosic material.

ESSEMM Heat Break Linseed Oil offers significant advantages, particularly in applications that require the pure form of linseed oil without any cellulose material and with low moisture content. This purified variant is highly sought after for its enhanced performance and compatibility in various industries.

Choose ESSEMM Heat Break Linseed Oil for your manufacturing needs, ensuring a high-quality, cellulose-free solution that meets the stringent requirements of alkyd resin production. Experience the reliability and excellence that ESSEMM products are known for, unlocking new possibilities in your manufacturing processes.

Specifications Of Linseed Oil

Colour Gardner Max. 11
Moisture % Max. 0.1
Relative Density g/cm @ 30o C 0.923 - 0.928
Refractive Index @ 40° C 1.472 - 1.475
Saponification Value - 188 - 195
Iodine Value WIJS Min. 170
Acid Value mg KOH/g Max. 4
Unsaponifiable Matter % Max. 1.5
Break - NIL