ESSEMM Hydrolised Soya Lecithin​​

Introducing ESSEMM P200 Hydrolysed Soya Lecithin

Unleashing Enhanced Functionality for Diverse Applications

ESSEMM P200 Hydrolysed Soya Lecithin is meticulously manufactured using food-grade enzymes through a selective hydrolysis process targeting the fatty acids in the 2 position of the phospholipids. The precise process conditions determine the extent of hydrolysis and the relative hydrolysis of different types of phospholipids, resulting in a unique and versatile product.

ESSEMM Hydrolysed Lecithin offers several distinct advantages. Its increased hydrophilicity, influenced by the degree of hydrolysis, enables its utilization in various cream emulsion types and frying margarines. The monoglyceride-like structure, characterized by having only one fatty acid, proves highly effective in bakery products, imparting desirable softness and contributing to extended shelf life.

Typical Specification

Specifications Range
Characteristic Pure Soya (Enzymatic Modified)
Odor Typical Soya
Appearance Semi Liquid Viscous Syrup
Colour 10-13 Max on Gardner scale
Moisture Max 1.0%
Acid Value Max 30 KOH/g
Peroxide Value Max 5.0 m.eq
Hexane Insoluble Max 0.30%
Acetone Insoluble 58% - 60%
Viscosity Max 120 Poise
HLB 8-11
GMO Negative
Solubility in Water 90 - 100%


Parameter Value
Total Plate Count (cfu/g) 5000 max.
Total Coliform (per g) Negative
E. Coli (per g) Negative
Salmonella (per 25g) Negative
Yeast & Moulds (cfu/g) 100 max.


Experience the exceptional functionality of ESSEMM P200 Hydrolysed Soya Lecithin across a broad spectrum of applications. Unlock the potential of this innovative product in cream emulsions, frying margarines, and bakery formulations, elevating product quality and ensuring superior performance. Trust in ESSEMM’s commitment to excellence and reliability as you explore new horizons in food and culinary creations.