ESSEMM Soya Lecithin Acetylated​

Freshly harvested soya lecithin in a white bowl, representing a versatile and natural emulsifier for food and beverage applications

Introducing ESSEMM Acetylated Lecithin

Unleashing Enhanced Fluid Properties and Superior Water Dispersibility for a Wide Range of Food Applications

ESSEMM Acetylated Lecithin is a game-changing product that delivers exceptional fluid properties and remarkable water dispersibility, making it an ideal oil-in-water emulsifier for diverse food applications. Through a precise acetylation process, this innovative lecithin undergoes crucial modifications on the amino group of phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphatidylinositol (PI), resulting in outstanding functional benefits.

With its improved fluid properties, ESSEMM Acetylated Lecithin seamlessly integrates into various food formulations, ensuring optimal performance and consistency. Its superior water dispersibility enables effortless dispersion and homogeneity in aqueous systems, facilitating the creation of stable emulsions and uniform textures.

One of the remarkable characteristics of ESSEMM Acetylated Lecithin is its resistance to heat. Both moderately and highly acetylated variants exhibit exceptional heat stability, allowing repeated heating and cooling cycles without undesirable darkening or degradation. This unique attribute makes it an excellent choice for applications that require thermal processing.

ESSEMM Acetylated Lecithin finds versatile uses across multiple industries. Minimally acetylated products are ideal for infant foods, coffee whiteners, meat sauces, gravies, and oil-in-water cosmetic emulsions. Moderately acetylated products find application in cheese sauces, shortenings, and serve as effective release agents in pumpable and aerosol formulations. Furthermore, this remarkable lecithin variant is utilized as a feed additive for pigs, poultry, and fish, enhancing nutrient digestibility and promoting healthy growth.

Choose ESSEMM Acetylated Lecithin to elevate your food formulations, unlock exceptional fluid properties, and experience superior water dispersibility. Embrace its outstanding heat stability and unleash its functional benefits in a wide range of applications, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

ESSEMM Acetylated Soya Lecithin

Versatile Emulsifier, Release Agent, and Food Additive. Ideal for Food Applications and as a Liquid Carrier for Plastics Additives, Dyes, and Pigments.
Parameter Specifications for AcetylatedSoya Lecithin
Acid value (mgKOH/g) 30 max
Moisture (%) 0.7 max
Acetone insoluble (%) 60 min
Color (in 10% toluene) Gardner Units 12 max
Hexane insolubles (%) 0.03
Peroxide value (meq/1000g) 5